About Casey

Welcome to my ESL Teaching Portfolio

BYU Japanese Study Abroad, 2007

My name is Casey Beres.  I am currently a Graduate student at BYU Provo, UT.  As of now, I am completing my TESOL Certificate in the BYU TESOL M.A. program, and I will complete it and graduate in April 2011.  I received my B.A. in Asian Studies, with a Japanese Language Minor and TESOL Minor from BYU in 2010.

I am also planning on applying for Law School in 2012 and plan to emphasize in Constitutional Law

I have taught English in formal classroom settings at BYU’s English Language Center for my TESOL Teaching Practicum as part of the TESOL Certificate program since January, 2011.  As part of my Practicum, I am currently teaching an advanced community night class with 20 students, known as the C.O.R.E program.

This last Winter Semester, 2010, I was hired by BYU, through the BYU business program and Korean language program, to tutor a Korean business man who had come to BYU for 3 months through his employer, Hyundai Heavy Industries.  He was apart of group of several men who came to improve their English and recieved training in American business standards through BYU’s business program.  I tutored this man in his English for 2 hours every Monday-Thursday for 3 months.  We usually spent our time developing his fluency and some accuracy, discussing a range of topics, but most especially politics, government, and current events.  Through these topics, I would help him with his grammar and in learning new vocabulary.  We would also discuss cultural aspects of America and the American language via English instruction.

In the summer of 2010, I taught English for Selnate International School, located in Provo, UT, for their 3-week Chinese student summer camp.  I taught the advanced class, which contained about 15 students.  I also completed two English teaching internships, one through BYU Professor Masakazu Watabe’s English Program in Yokohama, Japan, and the other at Selnate International School.  I have also participated for several years in BYU English Language Center’s and Selnate’s Study Buddy Programs, tutoring Japanese English learning students, as well as receiving help with my Japanese from them in return.

My interests outside the realm of TESOL include constitutional law, history, American Revolution era history, 1960’s Jamaican music, political writing, and skateboarding.

This is my ESL Teaching Portfolio.  Please feel free to look around my portfolio by clicking on the tabs up at the top of the page below the main picture of the ocean.  And please, don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.


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